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Kuching Campus


Cyberjaya College Kuching is a private higher education institution ranked 5-Star (Excellent) CLUSTER-BASED (HEALTH & WELFARE).

Cyberjaya College Kuching is located strategically near several hypermarkets, sports complex, banking facilities, restaurants, and a bus terminal. Approximately 700 students have graduated from CC Kuching since 2010 in various Health Sciences Diploma Programmes such as Healthcare, Environmental Health, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technology and Foundation in Health Sciences.



Sarawak has safe, clean and pleasant working and living conditions. Standards of living have improved significantly over the past two decades and gives an assurance of high-quality lifestyle. With all modern facilities and amenities, visitors will find it easy to blend in with the local community and adapt to the culture.

Kuching City and the major towns in Sarawak have facilities to cater for all kinds of sport: tennis and squash courts, swimming pools, soccer pitches and international standard golf courses. Like most of the urban centres, Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri have many entertainment spots, recreational parks, restaurants and shopping complexes.

There are good healthcare and medical facilities, world-class educational institutions, excellent recreational and sports facilities, various food, shopping and entertainment outlets, beach resorts, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and fun leisure and outdoor activities organised throughout the year.

Cyberjaya College Kuching